Kyle Drummond

Silversail Wealth Advisors
+1(480)561 1631

My name is Kyle Drummond and I'm currently working as a middle financial advisor for the Silversail Wealth Advisors. My professional sense and expertise could be really helpful for clients who are not confident in their knowledge or just simply do not now what loan s better for them to take.

I've graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. I didn't go all the way through Masters degree just because I managed to get full time in one of the most well know and respectfully financial company in Arizona. My knowledge and thrill to learn and study get me from the fresh junior consultant with zero experience to the position of middle advisor in less than a year and I could do even better.

I'm happily married and my plans of having a baby were postponed because of the coronavirus outbreak but we are planning to catch up in 2021.

My hobbies are containing but not limited to fishing and hiking.